LASER THERAPY OF HEMORRHOIDSGentle minimally-invasive treatment in Vienna

Modern minimally-invasive treatment of sensitive regions with laser therapy is especially suited for the handling of hemorrhoids and anal fistula. We use the newest generation from Biolitec®.

LHP® for hemorrhoids


LHP® is used as a gentle therapy for advanced stage hemorrhoids under appropriate anesthesia. The laser enables the endo-luminal laser coagulation of both segmental and circular hemorrhoidal nodes. The laser energy is inserted directly into the hemorrhoidal node, so that hemorrhoids may be treated according to their size without damaging the anoderm or mucosa.

No foreign materials (clamps) are used, and thus there is no risk of stenosis. A rapid recovery is expected as in contrast to conventional surgery, no cuts or stitches are required.

FiLaC® for anal fistula

(Fistula-tract Laser Closure)

FiLaC® removes the fistula as gently as possible without damaging the sphincter muscle. The flexible radially emitting FiLaC® fiber is placed exactly by using a pilot beam, and applies energy to the pathway of the fistula tract. The efficient radiation concept of FiLaC® fiber uses the applied energy optimally.

The minimally-invasive laser therapy does not damage the sphincter muscle during the treatment of anal fistulas: all areas of the muscle are conserved to the max, and incontinence is prevented. Most recently, FiLaC® is also used to treat the sinus pilonidalis. Here, the laser therapy yields excellent recovery with minimal wound surfaces, and conclusive cosmetic results.

Further possible applications in proctology are:

  • Sinus pilonidalis
  • Skin tags
  • Removal of polyps
  • Genital warts
  • Fissures

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