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Colonoscopy is an inspection of the colon by means of a colonoscope (with light and camera). On a monitor, the camera’s images are reproduced. With this method, the interior of the colon can be inspected in detail. This results in a clear picture of your colon health.

Should e.g. polyps be found during this inspection, they may be removed. Removal of tissue for further analysis is possible, too.

To prepare for the planned colonoscopy, a laxative shall be taken the evening before and on the day of inspection. The test may be facilitated by a tranquilizer or short sedation.

Short information
Duration of procedure: approx. 20 – 30 minutes
Anesthesia Short sedation
Method Colonoscopy
Sports possible After 24 hours if sedation is used

Questions and answers on Colonoscopy

When is a colonoscopy done?

We perfom a colonoscopy whenever certain symptoms need to be clarified, when family members have a predisposition for cancer, for screening as recommended after 50 years of age, or also for an early recognition of colon cancer.

Which preparations are necessary?

To enable a clear inspection, the colon shall be as clean as possible. Therefore, to prepare the colonoscopy, a fluid osmotic laxative is taken the evening before and on the day of the test. Fluids should be ingested. The treatment empties the colon. You should not eat until after the procedure.

Is a colonoscopy painful?

No. Generally the colonoscopy may be unpleasant but may entail little to no pain.

When can I take up sport again?

If no sedation have been used during the procedure, sport activity can resume after leaving the office. If a sedation was required, you should give your body a little rest that day.

How is a colonoscopy done?

Usually, colonoscopy is performed as an out-patient treatment. A colonoscope (endoscope) of approx. 1 cm width, equipped with light source and a camera, is carefully inserted via the anus. Then, light is emitted from the colonoscope, carbon dioxide gas may be infused to widen the colon for improved overview. The camera of the colonoscope allows detailed inspection of the colon on the monitor.

How long will the test take?
Generally, the test takes between 20 and 30 minutes.
What risks are there?
Colonoscopy is considered a secure and sparing inspection. Complications are rare. Theoretically, bleeding or perforation of the intestinal mucosa or intestinal wall are possible.
May I drive after the test?
If sedation was used, you should not drive that day, we recommend a pick-up.

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