GASTRIC BALLOON IN CASE OF OBESITY Obesity treatment in Vienna

Obesity may develop into a serious health problem. Experience shows that people suffering from obesity have already used many methods to lose weight successfully and permanently. However, these steps are not always successful.

The gastric balloon is a useful support against obesity.

In an out-patient setting, the gastric balloon, consisting of a soft and extensible silicone, is inserted into the stomach and then filled with a saline solution. The balloon then fills part of the stomach. This causes a feeling of satiety and reduces food intake.

Short information
Duration of surgery Approx. 20 minutes
Kind of anesthesia Sedation
Method Gastroscopy
Sports possible after Approx. 7 days

Questions and answers on the gastric balloon

What is a gastric balloon?

The gastric balloon is a mid-term treatment aid for those willing to lose weight. It consists of a soft extensible silicone balloon. It is pushed into the stomach through the esophagus, and is filled there with a sterile saline solution (approx. 400-600 ml). This causes a sensation of satiety. The balloon remains in the stomach for approx. 12 months, and should be removed thereafter.

Will the gastric balloon remain in the stomach forever?

No. Generally, the balloon is removed after 12 months to prevent damage to the stomach by the mechanical forces of the balloon.

Which weight loss can realistically be expected with the gastric balloon?

Although no guarantee of weight loss can be given a weight reduction between 10 – 20 kilograms over first 6 months can be seen depending on personal motivation and discipline. Complying with our recommendations, a responsible diet, and increase activity greatly helps this method.

How long will the procedure take?

Generally, it takes between 20 and 30 minutes.

May the balloon burst in the stomach?

Yes, but the likelihood is very low. You will therefore most likely not experience this issue. Since the saline solution has a blue color, you would see a change of your urine into green color indicating that the balloon has burst. Then, the defective balloon needs to be removed immediately.

When will a gastric balloon be used?
If diets and activity have not led to a weight reduction, the gastric balloon may be a sensible and supportive method. However, the desired effect will not occur without a degree of your own initiative and motivation.
Do I have to take care of my diet afterwards?
Of course! The gastric balloon alone is not a guarantor for weight reduction. Change of diet and increase of activity are the key to success.
Will I gain weight after removal of the gastric balloon?
If you have successfully lost weight over the first 6 months with the balloon, you have done a lot in a correct way. Over this time, you have certainly got used to changes in your diet and activity. If you keep up your will and discipline, it is very possible that you keep your new lower weight. Just keep on, your body will be thankful.
What risks are there?
Complications can mostly be out ruled with this treatment. In rare cases, a light injury of the esophagus may occur. During the first days following the procedure, sickness, nausea or slight pressure pains are possible

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